Liquid Plant Multi Micronutrient (BULL)

BULL is a liquid formulation containing a mixture of micronutrients fertilizer and specifically designed with Effectively used to correct deficiencies in Agricultural and Horticultural crops. It is completely miscible in water and can be used for foliar spray or root application and will supply all essential minor elements in their soluble form for immediate uptake. BULL is applied throughout the growing season with no concern of phytotoxicity and aids in resistance to disease, winter desiccation and tolerance to stress. BULL support to improve the productivity and respiration activity. It is correct the hidden hunger in the plant at the time of growth.

BULL Highlights

  • BULL corrects the sterility and malformed reproductive organs in crops.
  • BULL involves directly in the process of protein synthesis.
  • BULL carries the food particle to different parts of the body immediately after spray.
  • BULL corrects Micronutrient deficiency in plants and increase the productivity.
  • BULL involves in the process of chlorophyll formation.
  • BULL provides better shoot growth and helps in nutrient uptake process. FARMIN induces photosynthesis in crops and it is support to improve the metabolism activities.
  • BULL improve the disease resistance to crops.

FARMIN Recommendation

  • BULL is a liquid multi micronutrient fertilizer for foliar and soil application.
  • The nutrients are readily available and rapidly absorbed by the foliage and root system.
  • BULL is to be dissolved in water and sprayed. Concentration suggested is to dissolve 500ml in 100 lts. Of water and spray on one acre of crop.

Foliar Multi Micronutrient ( MINMIX )

MINMIX is a designer Multi Micronutrient, it is suitably for Agricultural and Horticultural Crops. It is a blend of Micronutrient for Foliar application, improves crop growth and yield. MINMIX as foliar application it helps to correct the plant’s micronutrient deficiency as directly into the plant system at critical growth stages for better yield and improving the quality of the farm produce.

MICROMIN Recommendation

  • MINMIX is a balanced Micronutrients for good growth and high yield. MINMIX is to be dissolved in water and sprayed.
  • Concentration suggested as per below
  • MINMIX dissolve 250gms in 100lts of water to keep the concentration at 0.25%.
  • MINMIX is non – phytotoxic and compatible with most fungicide and insecticides. Spraying should be done immediately after the preparation during earlier morning or late evening. 

FERMIX Basal Application Multi Micronutrien Fertilizer

In the continuous cropping pattern system, use of high yielding varieties and hybrids and ever increasing use of fertilizers without adequate organic recycling has not only aggravated multi nutrient deficiencies in the soil and the plant system but also deteriorated soil productivity and created environmental pollution. Plants raised in such deficient soils will express deficiency symptoms. To overcome such situation, many Micronutrients are supplemented to meet out the deficient nutrients in the soil.

When nutrients are not present in sufficient quantity, plant growth is affected. Plants may not show visual symptoms up to a certain level of nutrient content, but the growth is affected and this situation is known as Hidden Hunger.It is necessary to study the importance of micronutrients in crop production, their availability and how to correct the deficiency.To compact the physiological and nutrient deficiencies in agriculture and horticultural crops. So our company introduce a quality micro nutrien fertilizer “FERMIX”.

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