Random- (Humic + Fulvic + Amino Acid)

  • Even in organic agriculture it’s important to add humic substances as stimulants for microbes and food for worms, whether that’s in the form of tons of compost or pounds of Random. Additionally, while Random will remain stable in the soil.

  • Random stimulates microbial activity by providing the indigenous microbes with a carbon source for food, thus encouraging their growth and activity. Soil microbes are responsible for solubilizing vital nutrients such as phosphorus that can then be absorbed by the Random and in turn made available to the plant.

  • The Random main role is plant’s root development and increasing the hair root it is main source the plant growth activity by uptake the water and nutrient at same time the iron exchanging processing provide by humic.

Random Acid Recommendation

For Spraying

2.5 ml to 5 ml per litter of water in plant growth stage. 

For Drinching

2 to 5 litter per acre of agricultural and horticultural crop.