Organic Pesticides

Alien Organic Pesticides

  • Alien is derived from naturally available vegetable protein source tested and found effective for the control of all types larvae.Protects the crop by means of biotech application.

  • Alien is effective on cater pillers, bollworms cabbageworm, army worm and leaf folders of all agricultural crops.

  • alien very effective at very minimum dosage.

  • Alien is cost effective, non toxic and environmental friendly product.

Exo Mite Organic based Miticide

Exo Power is the combination of natural oil along with bio technological derivatives obtained from plant alkaloids for the management of mites and sucking pests in agricultural and horticultural crops.

Functional Advantages

Exo Mite controls mites and suckingpests.
Exo Mite active aginst all stages from eggs to adults.
Exo Mite is an organic derivatives and has a good compatibility with other chemicals and fungicides.
Exo Mite is and anti feedant.
Exo Mite inhibit respiration by contactpoison
Exo Mite gives Repellent effect
Exo Mite damage the nerve system and stimulate paralytic attack.
Exo Mite is commonly mixed with other pesticides & fungicides.

Direction For Usage

Dilute 1.5 ml – 2 ml of Exo Mite per liter of water for the management of red mites,aphid,white fly,thrips and mealybug. Exo Mite is also used for the control of all types of mites in all the crops.

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