Plant Growth Promoter

Humeal 3 in 1 of Action Plant Growth Promoter

Humeal is a naturally derived plant growth promoting substances obtained from organic resources plus gibberlic acid 500 ppm concentration. It is dark brown polyphenolic and amorphous water soluble compound. The important functional group of this compounds enhances cell division, cell elongation, cell multiplication and enzymatic action of the plant, which inturn encourages the growth and yiels attributes of the crops.

Functional Advantages

Humeal activates the enzymatic action of the plant.
Humeal increases photosynthetic activity of plant.
Humeal helps the plant to resist pests and diseases.
Humeal encourages the nutrient uptake by crops.
Humeal increases growth, yield and quality of the crops.
Humeal enhances stress resistance of the plant.
Humeal contributes to greater microbial activity.
Humeal improves flower & capsule formation.
Humeal is natural and environmentally safe.

Direction For Use

  • Dilute 2-2.5mi of Humeal in a litter of water or 250ml per acre of land. Spray Humeal at critical stages of plant growth viz., active growth,flowering and fruit initiation. Humeal is neither toxic nor harmful and non-phytotoxic.

  • Dilute 1 liter of Humeal in 1000 litters of water for drip irrigation/springler irrigation.

Zymar Total Compound of Amino Acid

Zymar is an essential building blocks of proteins in plants. The standard composition contains 21 Amino Acids.Confirmed results under various field conditions in all agro-climatic zones.

Special Features

  • Application of Magic before and after the stress conditions supplies the plants with amino acids.
  • Magic have a chelating effect micro nutrients.
  • Magic are activators of phyto hormones and growth substances.
  • Foundation and formation of fruits.
  • Magic acts a organic agent of the cells.
  • Magic help to increase chlorophyll content in the plant leading to higher degree of photosynthesis.
  • Magic improves yield and quality of fruits.

Direction For Use

  • Dissolve 500ml in 100 to 150 litres of water and spray on acre of crop.

  • Magic in non-phyto toxic and compatible with most fungicide and insecticide.

  • Store in a cool, dry place. Keep away from children.

Amisys New Technically Powerful Plant Growth Promoter

Plantamin is the combination of patented natural plant growth promoter and yield enhancer with very high concentration of humic acid, fulvic acid, amino acid, phyto extracts, essential minerals and vitamins. It is amorphous water-soluble component obtained from bio technological derivatives and tools

Plantamin Features

  • Premium product with NATCA technology

  • Extra building technology with added strength in all combinations with one formulation.

  • Scientifically tested and proved beneficial

  • Bio conversion of enzymes, minerals and vitamins

  • Completely Bio degradable.

  • Can be mixed with all commonly used pesticides and fungicides.

  • Toxin free

  • Havest profitable yield with less investment.

Active A Powerful Yeild Booster

Active is a essential for plant growth promoter, reproduction, and responses to various abiotic and biotic stresses. Given the importance of sterols and active in these processes, engineering their biosynthetic and signaling pathways offers exciting potentials for enhancing crop yield.

G Power Plant Flowering Hormone

The G Power main roll is vegetative to flowering  and grain development along with an interaction of different environmental factors.