Maruti One Of The Quality Soil Conditioner

A new and fabulous nutrient mixture with secondary nutrients called ‘Soil Gold’. This product provides greater relief to the farmers cultivating crops in wide range of problem soils like Saline and Alkaline. Soil Gold in secondary Nutrients creating a real wonder in a crop food which is considered to be important element after Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash. Soil Gold consists of Calcium, Magnesium and Sulphur and tested it’s superiority in various types of soils application of Soil Gold enhances the availability of Primary nutrients like Nitrogen. Phosphorus and Potash applied to the crop. It is proved by our company’s Research and Development wing that, the application of Soil Gold will solve the problem of Salinity and Alkalinity and makes the unavailable forms of soil nutrients become available to the plants. In addition, Soil Gold enhances the aeration in the root zone and thereby accelerates the root growth. Soil Gold contains Calcium 9.0%, Magnesium 9.0% and Sulphur 6.0% which is an appropriate ratio for crop establishment and crop growth.